Deep Undercover by Jack Barsky

On October 8, 1978, a Canadian national by the name of William Dyson stepped off a plane at O’Hare International Airport and proceeded toward Customs and Immigration. Two days later, William Dyson ceased to exist. The identity was a KGB forgery, used to get one of their own–a young, ambitious East German agent–into the United States. The plan succeeded, and the spy’s new identity was born: Jack Barsky. He would work undercover for the next decade, carrying out secret operations during the Cold War years . . . until a surprising shift in his allegiance challenged everything he thought he believed.

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My Review

I really enjoyed this book. Most of this book took place long before I was born so it was quite the history lesson. I didn’t realize all the stuff that went on during that time.  Jack’s story was fascinating. It takes you on his journey starting with his growing up years, to his recruitment as a spy and eventually as a american. I found that being a spy was not all adventure but lots of boring routine. This story shows how the Lord works in your life in ways you dont even realize at the time.  I found this book to be well written. It was more narrative but still read like a story.  I believe that Jack’s life is good testamony of hope, forgiveness and second chances.  I think that the reader can learn valuable truths from this story.

I recommend this book to my family and friends.

I checked this book out at the library and am giving my honest opinion.

About the Author

This true spy story had a very humble beginning in the most backward corner of the old East Germany. Smarts and hard work got Jack out into the world, where he started a career teaching chemistry and math at a well-known university. And then his life took a fantastic detour – Jack was recruited by the KGB and infiltrated into the US where he spent ten years spying for the Soviet Union. He “resigned” from the KGB and embarked on a very successful career in Information Management. When he was finally discovered by the FBI, nine years after his resignation, his life took yet another sharp turn. Today, Jack is a law abiding patriotic American citizen who is taking advantage of one last chance to live a normal life.

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Break It Down Show * Spy Cast: Youtube



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